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Building kinship care peer support groups in your local community

A new Peer-to-Peer Support Service for all kinship carers in England, funded by the Department for Education and led by Kinship.

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What this peer support service means for kinship carers

Support, love and community

More peer support groups for kinship carers, more access to the advice and information they need. Building strong and trusted relationships between kinship carers and local authorities.
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Together with kinship carers

Developed with kinship carers and created based on their needs and experiences. Together we are building powerful kinship communities to access more support.
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Specialist advice and information

If you’re a kinship carer, we’ll help you understand your rights, from taking on a child to what your child is entitled to as a child in kinship care. Wherever you are in England.
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Are you a kinship carer looking for a support group?

There is already an amazing network of kinship peer support groups running across England. Offering support and somewhere to meet other kinship carers who are going through the same thing.

You can easily see if there is one in your area.

What does it mean to be a kinship carer?

Kinship care often begins in crisis….

A child whose parents are unable to care for them, for whatever reason. It’s frightening, confusing and heart-breaking.
Instinctively, a loved one steps in – a grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or family friend. They are now a kinship carer, bringing up the children they love.

There’s no chance to prepare. Plans are pushed aside. Relationships, jobs and savings are sacrificed.


We’re all in the same boat and we all know what we’re going through…a lot of us relate to our stories, and how our children have been affected…we all understand and try to help each other.
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