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About the service

Building powerful supportive kinship communities together. Kinship carers supporting each other.

What are you going to see?

We’re building on the communities of peer support groups already set up by kinship carers across England.

Kinship carers told us they wanted more support, more access to expert advice and information and more opportunities to connect with each other.

What we’re doing is making sure that where there is little, or no support at the moment, we’re helping kinship carers to build new communities and relationships.

We’ll be:

As we do this, we’ll have a brilliant team on the ground, working with kinship carers to develop and set up their groups. They’ll be providing training and support and helping established groups to access our free themed workshops.

And we’ll help to bridge relationships between kinship carers and local authority teams, to build trust and to help kinship carers get the support they need.

What we want to do in 2022


new peer support groups set up


current peer support groups supported


of free workshops for kinship carers

Where are we now?

There is already an amazing network of kinship peer support groups meeting across England. We’ll be helping these support groups to access more support, advice and information.

You can see if there is one in your area at the moment.

Our next steps are to help kinship carers build even more support groups in more communities.

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How to contact us about the Peer-to-Peer Support Service or for more information on Kinship.
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Ensuring the voices of kinship carers lead the development of the new support service.
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About Kinship

We support kinship carers to access support, advice and information. And work with local authorities to share best practice.
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