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I work for a local authority

Working together to support kinship carers to access support, advice and information.

Supporting kinship carers in your area

Our peer support service will support kinship carers to access more support in their local community.

This means working with local authority teams to help us reach kinship carers in your area.

We know you’re busy. Resource and time is precious. We’re here to help you work together with kinship carers.

This means:

This is a huge opportunity to learn more about what kinship care looks like across England. 

The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care in England has now been published. This is a once in a generation opportunity to transform the children’s social care system and provide children with loving, safe and stable families. See our summary of recommendations.

At Kinship we know kinship care does that. And we know that kinship carers need support, advice and information. That’s what this new service is all about.

We’d love to work with you.

Which kinship carers will the service support?

The Peer-to-Peer Support Service is open to all kinship carers in England, regardless of their legal order or local authority.

What does this peer support service mean for kinship carers?

Emotional support from kinship carers in a similar situation is the most important form of support needed after financial support.

The service will build networks across England, helping thousands more kinship carers to make connections and friendships with other kinship carers in their local area.

Sharing experiences along with accessing specialist advice and workshops will support kinship carers to care for their kinship children. Building confidence, advocacy and wellbeing and creating permanence in a loving stable kinship family.

We’ll give practical support, signposting to legal advice as well as access to free workshops and tailored one to one support from our expert Kinship Advice team.

Local authority teams will be able to access the practical resources and work with us to build trusted relationships with kinship carers.



What happens if I already commission Kinship to deliver services in my area?

If you already commission services with Kinship, this Peer-to-Peer Support Service, will help build capacity to support groups already established.

We’ll offer free themed workshops to peer support groups and increased access to specialist information and advice.

You’ll be able to signpost your kinship carers to new groups and other services you provide.

We have a joined up approach at Kinship. And our new Peer Support Team will work closely with our Programmes Team to share learning and make sure we’re promoting workshops and training to kinship carers in your area.

If you work with us, you know how our evidence based approach informs the way we work. And we hope that we’ll be building on that.

How can my local authority get involved?

At the moment, we’re recruiting our Delivery Team. If you’re interested in finding out more, please sign-up to receive updates.

I’m not a local authority

We’re really interested in hearing from local organisations who work with kinship carers and who would be interested in working with us to signpost the new Peer-to-Peer Support Service.

Sign-up to receive more news and updates

Work with us to deliver an incredible peer support service for all kinship carers in England.

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